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Our process is simple. We take care of all of the details, so you don't have to. 


We begin with design layouts that show all of the possibilities of the space. Layouts are detailed and personalized for your needs. Once we agree on a final layout, our architect and engineer bid the permit set and get started. 

 With a bid set from the architect and engineer Konstructo bids the job. Alongside our architect and contractor we work together to value engineer the project budget. We create a materials budget based on the scope of work to determine the all-in overall cost of the project so you can make decision. 



Once the final budget and scope are agreed upon, we take care of all the submittals and begin to work on the fun part: design. We have a set of trusted vendors and pass our trade pricing to our clients. We create highly detailed design drawings based on the final material selections to ensure success down the line. 




Once construction begins, we take care of managing every detail. Placing orders, working through in-field changes, daily and weekly tracking, working hand-in-hand with Konstructo, ensuring designs are followed, doing in-field material selections, you name it. 





With over 120 finished projects under our belt, we bring knowledge and expertise to the job site. We value trust and transparency and truly care about each family we work with. We do what it takes to make sure every project is a success. And we do this through our unique Design & Build process.

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