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What it Really Costs to Remodel Your Bathroom in the Bay Area

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

What it Really Costs to Remodel Your Bathroom in the Bay Area

Bathrooms are deceptively complex projects that involve every trade and require lots of finish materials. Below is a breakdown of cost for a double sink bathroom. Hall bathrooms will fall in the lower budget range and primary bathrooms tend to fall in the upper budget range.

Here's what it really costs to remodel your bathroom in the Bay Area:

Vanity Prefab Vanity $5k  Custom Vanity $11k (includes slab cost) Average prices are based on a 72" double sink vanity Custom vanities are perfect in bathrooms that have non-standard sized areas for vanities. For example, most pre-fab vanities come in 24", 36", 48", 60", 72" sizes. If your space falls in between these numbers you either need to size down on a prefab vanity and have open space on either side or you pay up for a custom vanity.  Custom vanities are typically of higher quality than pre-fab vanities and allow you to completely customize your vanity size and storage needs. They look great in wall-to-wall installations and give your bathroom a more upscale look. The other upside is if you have a space for a linen tower or built-in you can match all the cabinetry in the space for a clean, cohesive look. This is especially nice in master bathrooms.  What's the downside of a custom vanity? When choosing a custom vanity you will need to purchase sinks and counter top slab separately and pay to have those fabricated and attached. After all is said and done, a custom vanity typically comes to twice the cost of a pre-fab vanity. Pre-fab vanities are perfect for spaces that allow for pre-fab sizing. They're also great for bathrooms where you want to create a certain look. For example, it's very challenging to create a custom metal vanity or a Spanish-style, reclaimed wood vanity. If you're designing a bathroom that has a specific aesthetic you can find more options in the pre-fab realm. Just make sure the vanity is constructed of solid wood and from a reputable company. Also, make sure you figure out how many pre-drilled holes the vanity comes with so that you get the correct type of faucet. Some sites will even let you select the number of pre-drilled holes. 

Pro Tip: Some of my go-to bathroom vanity brands are RH, RH Modern, Pottery Barn, Signature Hardware.

Faucets $1,500 Showroom quality faucets (x2). Read about plumbing fixtures in my previous post. Sinks $300 - $800 Designer under-mount sinks (x2)

Shower Fixtures $5k - $12k Shower head, shower bar and handheld shower, thermostatic trim, tub. Master showers tend to have more fixtures that are higher end.

Drain Center Drain $400 Infinity Drain $1k + extra contractor labor

Typically I use 4" x 4" or smaller tile for the shower floor. This size allows for the tiler to slope the shower floor as needed for drainage into a center drain. If your shower floor tile is larger, then you would need to install a linear drain. It's a much more expensive project and most of the time requires engineer drawings.

Pro Tip: I always use tile-in drains. Tile-in drains allow the tile pattern to continue within the drain area which allows for a much cleaner look. It's also nice to stand on a tiled floor as opposed to a metal drain.

Toilet $750 - 1k

Bidet Seat $1,300 (in addition to toilet above)

Integrated Bidet Toilet $3k-6k+ (Comes with everything integrated) From one piece toilets to bidet seats, DXV & Toto are my go to brands. For clients that want the ultra-luxurious toilet option, a bidet toilet is the crème de la crème for your der·ri·ère.

Tile $4-6k+ Bathroom floor tile Shower wall tile Shower floor tile Niche accent tile

Read all about tile in my previous post.

Accessories $3k - 5k

This category includes mirrors, lighting, robe hooks, towel bars, toilet paper holder, floating shelves and any other design elements in the space.

I haven't accounted for medicine cabinets, which are much more expensive than traditional mirrors and cost more to install. A standard Robern medicine cabinet with electrical will be around $1,800.

Architect/Engineer/Designer $5-10k+

Most cities require that you pull a permit for any upgrades you make to plumbing and electrical, as well as any modifications you make by moving or removing walls. Your contractor will also require drawings to do the work. If you are not adding an addition or completely relocating your bathroom, you should be able to use a designer's drawings to submit for a permit.

Contractor Labor & Materials $40k - 60k  Includes gutting the entire bathroom, moving all of the plumbing (as long as you aren't on a slab), installing brand new fixtures, tile, recessed lighting, fans, and replacing or moving windows. 

Average Total: $65k - $135k In smaller bathrooms, such as a guest or powder room, your costs will decrease in the tile, vanity, and contractor labor and materials categories. Keep in mind that it also will cost less to remodel multiple bathrooms at the same time vs. just one.

Happy remodeling!

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