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Things Not to Skimp on During a Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Nov 8

Things not to skimp on during kitchen remodel

Let's face it, every project has a budget. Here are our 3 things not to skimp on when remodeling your kitchen.


As the highest budget line item in a kitchen remodel, cabinets will make or break a kitchen aesthetic. Custom cabinetry is built to fit the space perfectly, no random fillers or trim pieces. Inset cabinetry is yet another level of splurge that is always worth it. It gives the kitchen a look that can't be replicated in any other way.

White kitchen cabinets


Appliances will end up being the second highest budget line item in a kitchen remodel. They're used daily and should outlive your kitchen. Higher end appliances become statement pieces and elevate a kitchen design. They also come with white-glove service which provides peace of mind. Lastly, cabinets are built around appliances so they aren't easy to swap out.

Wolf range


A kitchen faucet should act as jewelry for the kitchen. Not to mention higher end fixtures are made using solid brass vs. plastic, and will last a lifetime. Picking the right fixture in the right finish will complete the kitchen aesthetic.

Waterstone brass faucet

Here are some line items to save on:

  • Tile

  • Countertops

  • Flooring

  • Cabinet Hardware

Happy remodeling!

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