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10 Updates for a Mini-Remodel

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

10 Updates for a Mini-Remodel

Love your house and want to give it a facelift without the headache and budget of a major remodel? Go through a mini-remodel! I’ve put together 10 updates for a

mini-remodel that will make your house feel brand new!

Putting your house up on the market soon? These items will make your home stand out from the others and give it that extra wow-factor!

1. Replace interior doors with solid core doors

Most homes have hollow interior doors that look cheap and don’t keep noise in or out. Solid core doors are a simple upgrade that not only will improve the look of your home but provide sound blockage to keep everyone happy.

Cost: $150-250/door

2. Replace door handles, hinges and door stops 

You can’t upgrade your doors without also updating the door handles, hinges and door stops. Make sure you stick with the same metal finish throughout your home. So if your kitchen cabinet pulls or fixtures are polished nickel use polished nickel door hardware, hinges and door stops. Potential buyers will notice and appreciate the attention to detail.

Cost: $25-150/door set

3. Paint interior

Paint your interior with up-to-date colors. Not sure which paint colors to choose? Read my post, 5 Tips for Selecting Paint Colors

4. Add frames to your bathroom mirrors

We’ve all seen a builder-grade mirror in a bathroom. You can easily turn that mirror into a statement piece by adding a frame. It’s easy and inexpensive. And it will give your bathroom an updated look! Check out for frame options.

Cost: $100-300

5. Add a backsplash in your kitchen

If you don’t have a kitchen backsplash, put one in. Select something simple, like a white subway tile. A backsplash goes a long way to giving your kitchen a finished look. Plus it’s functional and protects your walls.

If you've got a simple and compact kitchen, you can easily put one in yourself! Otherwise ask your local tile shop for someone they recommend.

Cost: $500-1,500

6. Replace all switch and outlet covers

Replace your old switch covers and outlets. Look for screw-less covers from Lutron or Leviton. They're contemporary and offer lots of colors and functionality, like Bluetooth technology. If you have colored cabinets look for a matching color cover so you don't end up with a white cover on a grey cabinet or a white cover on grey backsplash tile.     

Cost: $20-40 each

7. Replace your old light fixtures

Think of light fixtures as the accessories to the room - like jewelry for your outfit. Fortunately, you can find beautiful light fixtures for very reasonable prices online and in stores. And the cost to hire a handyman or electrician to install them is minimal.

  Cost: $100-1,000+

8. Replace your old smoke detectors

Take a look at your smoke detectors. If they aren't looking crisp and white, replace them with brand new, white smoke detectors. 

Cost: $12-20 each

9. Replace your door bell chime box

Do you have an ugly door bell chime box mounted somewhere in your home? You can purchase a paintable chime or a more decorative one. And for the full effect, get a new door bell for your front door. 

Cost: $60-100

10. Replace front door

Your front door is the first impression of your home and can really add some curb appeal. Make sure you consult with a local door vendor to figure out which type of front door would work best for your home. For example, if you don't have a decent overhang on your front porch, you should go with a fiberglass door. If you currently have double doors look into getting a more modern-looking single door with side lites. There are lots of options out there, so narrowing down material and size will help.

Keep in mind that in order to keep costs lower your new door should fit into the opening of your current door. If you get a door that is wider then a contractor will need to open up the wall and replace the header with a longer one.

Pro tip: Check to see if you have an extra few feet above your current door way. You may be able to put in an 8 foot high front door!

  Cost: $1,000-10,000

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